Red Data Birds in Britain.

Red Covers, Hardcover. All good+. Action for Rare, Threatened and Important Species. 349 pages with "Population Estimates of British Breeding & Wintering Birds", "List of Red Data Bird Species with Cr iteria for Selection", and Index to species accounts. Black and white photos. Black and white sketches of each species with text covering "Legal Status", "Ecology", "Distribution & Population", Threat s To Survival", "Conservation", and "References". This book covers birds of Great Britain, but does not include birds of the Channel Islands or Ireland.

Title: Red Data Birds in Britain.

Author Name: Batten, L.A., Bibby, C.J., Clement, J., Elliott, G.D. & Porter, R.F. Edited By., Illustrated by Ian Wills

Categories: Birds:General,

Publisher: London, England: Publ. For Nature Conservancy Council & Royal Society for Protection of Birds By T & A D Poyser, 1990:

Binding: Hard Cover

Seller ID: 001982

Keywords: Natural History, Birds, Ornithology, Birds of Great Britain