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The Story of Buck Knives.

By: Ables, Tom.

Price: $65.00

Publisher: El Cajon, CA, Buck Knives, Inc.:

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003205

Large book. CR 1991, 120 pages with index. Beautiful color photos of knives, black and white of Buck family and knives. Dust jacket mint, covers brown semi-leather spine, brown cloth with gilt lettering. For those of you who are true knife buffs - this story of the perfection of the most famous knife - Buck's Model 110 Folding Hunter is unfolded in detail. how it came about and how it revolutionized the knife industry. View more info

Asphalts and Allied Substances.

By: Abraham, Herbert.

Price: $40.00

Publisher: New York, D. Van Nostrand:

Edition: Second Edition

Seller ID: 003305

Their Occurance, Mode of Protection, Uses inthe Arts and Methods of Testing. Corrected second edition, 208 illustrations, black and white. Title date 1920, CR 1918, 1920. Old tape marks back two pages, spine loose. Pages 561-563 taped. 608 pages with index and 2 pages of ads. One table, one fold-out. Page edges rough, has been used a lot but it is all complete. Front and back spine has small separation, corners show wear. View more info

Covered Bridges of the West.

By: Adams, Kramer A.

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Berkeley, CA, Howell North:

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 002936

A History and Illustrated Guide to Washington, Oregon and California. Dust jacket slight tears, illustrated covers of plans for bridge. CR 1963. Beautiful pictures of covered bridges on the West coast of the U. S. View more info

Dead Reconing.

By: Ageton, Arthur.

Price: $14.00

Publisher: Washington, D. C., USGPO:

Edition: Third Edition

Seller ID: 003317

Altitude and Azimath Table. 1940, 53 pages. Previous owner's name in ink at bottom front pastedowns. All charts, graphs, etc., have pages with tabs. Black covers with gilt lettering, slight soil, but overall very good condition. View more info

Arkansas Cooking.

By: American Cancer Society.

Price: $9.00

Seller ID: 003222

Somehow, Somewhat, Somewhere. Washington County Unit CR 1976, 298 pages with index and order forms. Illustrated chapter heads, very good. View more info

First Lady Cookbook 1980. Along the George Washington Trail.

By: American Cancer Society.

Price: $12.00

Seller ID: 003223

Blue and grey covers, 108 pages with index and order form. Very good condition. View more info

The Shuttlecraft Book of American Hand-Weaving.

By: Atwater, Mary Meigs.

Price: $85.00

Publisher: New York, MacMillan,:

Edition: Fourth Edition

Seller ID: 003300

Dust jacket has slight tears, small tear on spine of dust jacket, overall very good condition. Illustrated endpapers, owner's name also. CR 1928, title date 1935, this fourth Nov. 1955. An account of the rise, development, eclipse and modern revival of a national popular art. Information of interest and value to collectors, technical notes for the use of weavers, and a large collection of historic patterns. 281 pages with index, slight foxing, profusely illustrated. View more info

Audel's Mason's and Builder's Guide #3

By: Audell, Theo.

Price: $38.00

Publisher: New York, Theo Audell:

Seller ID: 003259

Practical illustrated trade assessment for Modern Construction for Bricklayers, Stone Masons, Cement Workers, Plasters and Tile Setters. CR 1924 to 1951, 772 pages with 5 ads. Mint black covers. Previous owner's signature. Concrete Making, Blocks, Placing Forms, Stucco are covered in this guide. View more info

Audel's Carpenter's and Builder's Guide #4

By: Audell, Theo.

Price: $32.00

Publisher: New York, Theo Audell:

Seller ID: 003260

For Carpenter, Joiners, Builders Mechanics and All Wood Workers. CR 1923-1951, 457 pages with 6 pages of ads. Mint black covers, tight and clean. View more info

Cooking with Just Herbs.

By: Ausband, Terry.

Price: $10.00

Seller ID: 003219

For the Third Time. No date, circa 1994, 231 pages with index, kitchen hints, etc. Spiral gray covers, illustrated by jank Ausband. Very good. View more info

Lithographic Prints from Stone and Plate.

By: Banister, Manly.

Price: $35.00

Publisher: New York, Sterlingpublishers:

Edition: Believe to be a First Edition

Seller ID: 003257

CR 1972, 128pages, blackand white illustrations and photos. A book for the beginner lithographer. X-Library with all. Illustrated covers. all very good. View more info

most-Often Needed Radio Diagrams and Servicing Information.

By: Beitman, M.n.

Price: $65.00

Publisher: Chiago, Illinois, Supreme Publishing:

Seller ID: 003332

Cardboard tan covers with black lettering. Black and white detailed diagrams for Allied Radio,Belmont, Chevrolet, Crosley, Delco, Emerson, etc. Pages in each book vary from 164 to209. All good condition., Dont't think anyone every used them. Covers 1940, 1952, 1946, 1947,1948 and 1949. Prefer to sellt hem together but will sell indivual for $12,00 each View more info

Cookshelf Chocolate.

By: Bellefontaaine, Jacqueline.

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Parragon Publ.:

Seller ID: 003225

Full page color photos, 256 pages with index. Very good condition. CR 1999 this is 2004. Perfect for the Chocoholic. View more info

Man's Conquest of the Pacific.

By: Bellwood, Peter.

Price: $22.00

Publisher: New York, Oxford University Press,:

Seller ID: 003202

The Prehistory of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Dust jacket and book very good condition, large heavy book. Title date 1979, CR 1978, first published 1978 Wm. Collins, Auckland. 462 pages with index, bibliography, footnotes, black and white illustrations, drawings and color photos. The author hops his way through 2 million years of 16 thousand east-to-west kilometres of prehistory- starting with earliest traces of homosapiens, his predecessors and contemporaries . Art forms, canoes, weaponry, flora and fauna. Drawings of tools, and creations of massive stone structures, megoliths, etc. View more info

John Brown's Body.

By: Benet, Stephen Vincent.

Price: $22.00

Publisher: New York, Rinehart & Co.:

Seller ID: 003203

Illustrated by Fritz Kredel and Warren Chappell, CR 1927, 28 on text, CR 1954 Rinehart, 368 pages. Last page slight separation at bottom of hinge, all very good and clean. Blue spine with white covers,drawing of soldier on horse blowing bugle on front cover. A very nice book for a gift. View more info


By: Birket-Smith, Dr. Kaj

Price: $45.00

Publisher: New York, Crown:

Edition: First american Edition

Seller ID: 003204

CR 1971 Copenhagen, 278 pages with index and bibliography, color and black and white photos. Blue covers, all very good condition. A research into the eskimos of Greenland and Alaska and the wandering tribes in Arctic Canada. He traveled with them, slept with them and ate and starved with them and experienced spriitual manifestations with them. Then 35 years later it was possible to trace them farther back several thousand years and see what their ability to overcome the severest conditions people have ever been exposed to. View more info

The Last Cannibals.

By: Bjerre, Jens.

Price: $18.50

Publisher: New York, William Morrow:

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003188

Dust jacket slight soil and tears. Covers slighly faded, illustrated endpapers. Translated from Danish by Estrid Bannister. 192 pages, title page date of 1957, black and white photos. A young famous Danish explorer writes of his life experiences with primitive tribes of Australia and New Guinea. Written with his own enthusiasm for these little-known places and people, experiencing their innermost beliefs, observing their strange sex lives and photographing fantastic ceremonies and rites. View more info

A Cruising Guide To the Chesapeake.

By: Blanchard, Fessenden S.

Price: $24.00

Publisher: New York, Dodd Mead,:

Edition: Revised Edition

Seller ID: 003247

Including passages from Long Island Sound. Along the New Jersey Coast and Inland Waterway. Dust jacket has a torn piece on the front, tears, etc. Covers and content clean, tight, very good condition. Illustrated with photos and charts. Revised edition, 1962, CR 1950, 1960, 235 pages with index. Map on pastedowns. in the Fall of l961, the author made an extensive tour of the Chesapeake area and wrote this revised edition. They talked to hundreds of people who could give authoritative information about the area, what the yachtsmen will find on each of the rivers, creeks and harbors. View more info

Maake Your Own Sails.

By: Bowker, R. M.

Price: $24.00

Publisher: New, Mcmillan, St. Martin's Press:

Seller ID: 003283

Dust jacket slight tears, overall good+ condition. Last CR 1969, 142 pages with index and glossary. Profusely illustrated with diagrams, sketches and plates, and photos. Author believes that with a knowledge of sailing and sails you can make your own sails the equal of any manufactured sails. View more info

Illustrated Africa - North Tropical South

By: Boyce, William D.

Price: $45.00

Publisher: New York, Rand McNally:

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 002910

Boyce worked for "The Blade" a newspaper of the era. He was looking for something new - a new outlook. Roosevelt was in Africa big game hunting and photograaphing everything - so Boyce decided to take to the air in ballons and photograph the wild life of jungles and plains. He then wrote several other books on South Americ, The U.S. Colonies and Depenencies, Australia, and New Zealand. Then decided to write a one volume book on North Africa, Tropical Africa, and South Africa Profusely illustrated with black and white photos Dark green covers with gold lettering, all very good con... View more info