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Personnel of the Civil War.

By: Amann, William Frayne (edited and intro by).

Price: $52.00

Publisher: Published by Thomas Yoseloff, CR 1961,:

Seller ID: 001346

CR 1961, this is the 2nd printing March 1964, 366 pages. This is Volume 1 only. The Confederate Armies. Blue covers, slight fade, overall good+. Contains local destinations of Confederate Org., Memorandum of Armies, Corps , and Geographical Commands in Confederate States 1861-1865. X-library with card and stamps and number on spine. Civil War, history, americana, Confederates, Confederate statistics. View more info

Cyclone In Calico.

By: Baker, Nina Brown.

Price: $24.00

Publisher: Boston, Little Brown,:

Seller ID: 002525

The Story of Mary Ann Bickerdyke. CR 1952. Frontis is a woodcut of Mary Ann by Bernard Brussel-Smith. 278 pages with index and notes and bibliography. Born Mary Ann Ball in 1817, she married a widower with young children and moved to Galesberg, Illinois. Reverend Edward Beecher and his congregation sent her to Cairo with donations for the war effort (Civil War). She worked at Fort Defiance Hospital in Caior. Then she joined Grant's Army and continued her nursing work. A hospital ship during WWII was names after her. All good+ condition. View more info

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Retreat from Gettysburg.

By: Battles and Leaders of the Civil War.

Price: $25.00

Publisher: New York, Castle Books:

Seller ID: 002716

CR 1956, special contents by Thomas Yoseloff published in arrangement with A.S. Barnes. Dust jacket and book very good. 752 pages. This is Volume 3 of the set of 4 about the Civil War. The most authoritative source book ever published on the Civil War. Eyewitness accounts, hundreds of drawings, steel engravings and maps from the original set. View more info

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Lone Star Rebel.

By: Benner, J. A.

Price: $22.00

Publisher: Winston-Salem, NC, John F. Blair:

Seller ID: 002279

Woodcuts by R.B. Dance. CR 1971. Heritage Printers, Cherokee, NC. Dust jacket with mylar and book all very good condition. 232 pages. Historical fact and fiction, a 14 year old, Rob Crawford, set out on an 800-mile trip to join his brother who was with Colonel Lawrence Sullivan Ross, heroic commander of the Sixth Texas Cavalry in Mississippi. This book records his trip to Mississippi, his adventures as a courier and later an orderly to Colonel Ross. View more info

A Diary From Dixie

By: Chestnut, Mary Boykin.

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Boston, Massachusetts, Houghton Mifflin:

Seller ID: 002563

Edited by Ben Ames Williams. Title date 1949, CR 1905, 1949, 572 pages with index. Frontis of Mary Chestnut. This new edition includes passages that had been eliminated from the earlier 1905 edition. She wrote this diary day-to-day during the Civil War on whatever scraps of paper she could find; after the war she knew that the diary should be preserved so she began transcribing the original to a series of small notebooks. Brown covers, all good+ condition. View more info

Ashes of Glory. Richmond at War.

By: Ferguson, Ernest B.

Price: $22.00

Publisher: New York, Al. Knopf,:

Edition: Stated first Edition

Seller ID: 002770

CR 1996, dust jacket with mylar, all very good condition, 419 pages with index, sources, notes, and epilogue. Black and white photos in center of book. April 1865, Union troops, unimpeded, marched into the charred city of Richmond. The author conjures up wartime Richmond with its bread riots, hospitals crammed with amputees, rat infestation, etc., but despite universal hardship, Richmond crackled with spirit. The theaters kept showing plays, taffy parties, faro parlors and sewing circles kept most people entertained View more info

I Saw Booth Shoot Lincoln

By: Ferguson, W. J.

Price: $125.00

Seller ID: 002127

Second Edition. Published by The Pemberton Press, Jenkins Publ., Co, Austin, Texas. This published in 1969, 2nd edition. Dust jacket and book are very good condition. Black and white frontis of Abraha m Lincoln, with other black and white illustrations. 63 pages. Ferguson was the call boy and bit actor at Ford's Theater and was on the stage when Booth shot Lincoln. Also in the book are his memoirs of Washington and the surrounding area during the Civil War. View more info

Lee After the War.

By: Fishwick, Marshall W.

Price: $28.00

Publisher: New York, Dodd Mead,:

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003034

The Greatest Period in the Life of a Great American. Dust jacket has tears, red covers, all good+. 242 pages with index, black and white photos in the center. Lee resigned from the US Army in 1865 and was branded as a traitor and he seemed destined to spend his final years as a prisoner on parole - but he refused to do that and went on to become the President of Washington College and left a deeper mark on history in the four years after Appomattox than he and his troops made during the war years. View more info

Extracts of Letters of Major-General Bryan Grimes to His Wife.

By: Gallagher, Gary W.

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Wilmington, NC, Broadfoot Publishing Company:

Seller ID: 002232

Written while in active service in the Army of Northern Virginia, together with some personal recollections of the war written by him after its close. Compiled from the original manuscript by Puloski Cowper of Raleigh, North Carolina. Title date 1986, CR 1986 on new material. This is a reprint. 143 pages. Frontis is picture of Grimes. Mylar over covers, all very good condition. Major Grimes was one of the most prominant North Carolinians in the Army of Northern Virginia and was the last major under General Robert E. Lee. View more info

In The Navy or Father Against Son.

By: Goss, Warren Lee.

Price: $32.00

Publisher: Published by T. Crowell,:

Seller ID: 001848

CR 1898 with 399 pages. Gray illustrated covers, all good+. A story of Naval adventures in the Civil War 1861-1865 about a son who fought for the Union and a father who was a Confederate soldier on the inland wate rs of Virginia and North Carolina. He was in the 2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. New England, Americana, History, Civil War, Massachusetts, Regimental histories, Virginia, North Carolina, Confederate soldiers, Union Soldiers. View more info

Shrouds of Glory.

By: Groom, Winston.

Price: $25.00

Publisher: New York, Atlantic Monthly Press:

Edition: Stated first Edition

Seller ID: 002793

Dust jacket with mylar, all very good condition. Illustrated pastedowns with Tennessee Campaign Map. From Atlanta to Nashville: The Last Great Campaign of the Civil War. CR 1995, 308 pages with index, bibliography, and notes on sources. Black and white photos, one map. Focused on Confederate General John Bell Hood's decisive action in the western theater of operation during the final moments of the Civil War, through the ravaged South to the City of Nashville where he makes one last futile attempt to preserve the Confederacy. View more info

Story of the Confederacy

By: Henry, Robert Selph

Price: $18.00

Publisher: New York, Published by Grosset & Dunlap,:

Seller ID: 001052

CR 1931, 1936 by Bobbs Merrill, 514 pages with index. Illustrated endpapers, B&W photos. Backstrap is stained and has small tears. New and Revised edition with foreward by D. S. Freeman. Integrates memoirs, mo nographs, and official correspondence and reports. Civil War, Confederacy, wars. View more info

Damn the Torpedoes!

By: Hoehling, A. A.

Price: $22.00

Publisher: Winston-Salem, NC, John F Blair.:

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 002718

Naval Incidents of the Civil War. Dust jacket and book very good condition. CR 1989, 207 pages with index, black and white photos of ships and people. Stories about the Hunley, the experimental sumarine that sank the USS Housatonic, history's first sub attack. Epic battle between the Merimack and the Monitor, Davy Farragut's enrance into Mobile Bay, and the Alabama's desruption of Union shipping. View more info

colorado Volunteers in New Mexico 1862

By: Hollister, Ovando J.

Price: $34.00

Publisher: Chicago, Lakeside Classics, R. R. Donnelley:

Seller ID: 002837

Edited by Richard Harwell. Xmas 1962, CR 1962. Frontis black and white with tissue of E.R.S. Canby, black and white text cuts. 306 pages with 2 pages of Lakeside Classic Books. Has a business card "With the compliments of the Season, Paul Rydell, Lakeside Press, RR. Donnelley & Sons Co., Chicago". Blue covers with Lakeside Press logo on front cover, all very good condition. View more info

Confederate Agent.

By: Horan, James D.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Published by Crown:

Seller ID: 000315

CR 1954 with 326 pages w/index. Front cover is warped, dust jacket and book are good. Black and white sketches and photos, map on endpapers. True story of the conspiracy that came close to destroying the Union fro m within, getting Illinois, Indiana and Ohio to join the Confederacy while New York City was in flames, Chicago was ready for rebellion, 100,000 Northern Confederates stood ready to strike. Civil War, Confederate Army, Confederacy, Americana, History. View more info

Scientists of the Civil War: Matthew Maury and Joseph Henry.

By: Jahns, Patricia

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Published by Hastings House, CR 1961,:

Seller ID: 001044

CR 1961 with 308 pages with index and bibliography. About J. Henry in the North and Matthew Maury in the South. Joseph Henry invented the electromagnet. Gray blue covers with blue lettering. All good+. Civil War, Confederacy, Union, Scientists, wars, Americana. View more info

The Long Roll

By: Johnston, Mary

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Boston, Published by Houghton Mifflin,:

Seller ID: 001045

CR 1911, published May 1911, 683 pages with 6 pages of ads. Decorated cover with gilt, slight fade to covers, and slight foxing on pages. Pencil inscription on front endpapers. Pastedown illustrations in front , the loose page is torn out. Illustrated by N. C. Wyeth (4 in color). End papers illustrated with Region 7 day fighting in Virginia. Civil War, Americana, illustrators, N.C. Wyeth, wars, Confederacy, Union. View more info

Thunder at Harper's Ferry.

By: Keller, Allan.

Price: $24.00

Publisher: New Jersey, Prentice Hall:

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 002471

CR 1958, 282 pages with index. John Brown and a band of anti-slavery adherents swooped down onto Harper's Ferry to seize the Federal Arsenal hoping to start the end of Negroes held in bondage. This action fueled the rebellion against slave-holding states. Black and white photos, covers and content good+ condition. View more info

Marching Through Georgia.

By: Kennett, Lee.

Price: $18.00

Publisher: New York, Harper & Collins:

Seller ID: 002939

Story of Soldiers and Civilians during Sherman's Campaign. Dust jacket has slight tears, 418 pages with index, bibliography & notes. Black and whie photos, maps. CR 1995. There is yellow highlite through page 119. View more info

Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life

By: King, Captain Charles

Price: $85.00

Publisher: New York, Published by Harper & Brothers,:

Seller ID: 001212

Dated 1890, entered in 1880 by King, printed CR 1890, making this a 1st, 295 pages with 8 pages of ads. Black and white illustrations, slight tear at bottom of spine, otherwise all good+. Contains "Captain Santa Claus, Mystery of Mahbin Mill, Plodder's Promotion". History, Americana, Western Americana, Civil War, wars, Confederacy, Union. Scarce book, Graff 2326. View more info