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The Trial of the Germans - Nuremberg 1945-1946

By: Davidson, Eugene

Price: $16.00

Seller ID: 002067

Published by McMillan, New York. CR 1966, this is fourth printing 1969. Dust jacket and book covers good+. 636 pages with index. Black and white photos in center of book. An account of 22 defendants before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. View more info

Voices From The Bunker.

By: Galante, Pierre and Silianoff, Eugene.

Price: $18.00

Publisher: New York, Putnams:

Edition: First Printing

Seller ID: 002201

The True Account of Hitler's Last Days. Dust jacket and book very good condition. CR 1989. Translated from French by Jan Dalley. 172 pages with index, black and white photos. Survivors - Hitler's personal secretary, an aid-decamp, and his personal pilot reveal an intimate portrait of daily lives, inner circle in the bunker, including the suicide of Hitler, Eva Braun, and Joseph Goebbels and his family. View more info

The Hitler Youth.

By: Koch, H. W.

Price: $30.00

Publisher: New York, Dorset Press:

Edition: First Edition By Dorset

Seller ID: 002511

ISBN: 0-88029-239-9

Origins and De4velopment 1922-1945. CR 1975, dust jacket front cover is a 1930's poster that calls for "The Unity of Youth Within the Hitler Youth!": 348 pages with index, references and sources, black and white photos. Dust jacket and book good+ condition. In Nazi Germany, childhood ceased at 10 years of age - there were only "political soldiers" of the future of the future after that. This is the story of exploitation, corruption and final betrayal of the young people of Germany. Eight and a half million boys and girls were led to believe they were dedicating themselves... View more info

Young Germany.

By: Laqueur, Walter Z.

Price: $38.00

Publisher: Published by Basic Books, CR 1962,:

Seller ID: 000522

CR 1962 with 253 pages w/index. Dust jacket is torn, price clipped but otherwise all else good. A history of the German Youth Movement. Introduction by R.H.S. Crossman, B&W photos. Germany, Nazi Germany. View more info

The Third Reich. Experiences of War.

By: Lucas, James.

Price: $18.00

Publisher: London, England, Arms and Armour Press:

Seller ID: 002515

CR 1990. This was printed in Berryville, Virginia by Berryville Graphics. Dust jacket and book are very good condition. 192 pages with index and black and white photos. The history of Germany's war through the words of German men and women who served with the Army, the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe - those who suffered the devasting Allied air-raids or the brutal revenge of the Red Army; also the women who did their best to help their country by volunteering for the Flathelferein. A companion volume to the Experiences in War trilogy. View more info

The Life and Death of Adolph Hitler.

By: Payne, Robert.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Published by Praeger, CR 1973:

Seller ID: 001401

with 623 pages w/index. Dust jacket has tears, o/w all else good. Illustrated endpapers, B&W photos. Unraveling the tangled threads of Hitler's public and private life. History. Hitler, WWII, Germany. View more info

The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann.

By: Pearlman, Moshe

Price: $22.00

Seller ID: 002078

Published by Simon & Schuster, New York. CR 1963, stated first printing. 666 pages with index. Dust jacket and book very good. Eichmann eluded capture for 15 years. This book covers the excitement and frustration of the pursuit and his elusiveness. Also details his kidnaping by the Israelis, and a dramatic account of his trial in Jerusalem, confrontation with some of his victims, and witnesses who had miraculously survived. View more info

The Rape of Art.

By: Roxan, David and Wanstall, Ken.

Price: $22.00

Publisher: New York, Coward McCann:

Edition: First american Edition

Seller ID: 002184

The startling never before told story of Hitler's massive plunder of the great art treasures of Europe, based on a secret US document. Hitler planned to make Linz, the provincial Austrian city of his childhood, the cultural center of the world with his stolen paintings, sculpture, coins, and armor. Dust jacket has slight tears, covers all good+ condition. CR 1964, 196 pages with black and white photos. 42 photos, drawings, and maps. View more info

Hitler's Secret Book

By: Taylor, Telford (Intro by).

Price: $40.00

Seller ID: 002064

Translated by Aalvador Attanasio. Published by Grove Press, New York CR 1961. It is stated first printing 1961. 230 pages with index. Introduction by Brigadier Gen. USAR (Ret) who served as Chief Coun sel at Nuremberg war-crime trials. In May 1945 a manuscript ascribed to Hitler was confiscated in Germany by an American officer. He sent it to the U.S., and it was kept in the WW2 Records Division of the US National ARchives. In 1958 it was identified positively as a second book by Hitler, devoted entirely to foreign policy. Dust jacket has many tears. A remainder mark on the bottom of the pages... View more info

Final Entries - The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels 1945.

By: Trevor-Roper, Prof. Hugh (edited and Intro by)

Price: $38.00

Publisher: New York, Putnams:

Seller ID: 002198

Dust jacket and book very good condition. CR 1978 on English Translation. Translated from German by Richard Barry. 384 pages with index, maps, black and white photos. A deeply personal account of a man second in power only to the Fuhrer. View more info