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Image for Modern Gunsmithing.

Modern Gunsmithing.

By: Baker, Clyde.

Price: $44.00

Seller ID: 000200

Binding: Hard Cover

Image for Firearms and Their Use.

Firearms and Their Use.

By: Castles, W.T.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Published by Tudor Publ.,:

Seller ID: 001220

Binding: Hard Cover

Image for The Boys Book of Rifles.

The Boys Book of Rifles.

By: Chapel, Charles Edward.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Published by Coward McCann,:

Seller ID: 001552

Binding: Hard Cover

Practical Book of American Guns.

By: Craige, Capt. John Houston.

Price: $16.00

Publisher: Published by Bramhall House,:

Seller ID: 001227

Binding: Hard Cover

Gun Fun with Safety.

By: Damon, G. E.

Price: $28.00

Seller ID: 001356

Binding: Hard Cover

Gun Owner's Book of Care, Repair & Improvement.

By: Dunlap, Roy.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Published for Outdoor Life,:

Seller ID: 000890

Binding: Hard Cover

Guns and How They Work.

By: Hogg, Ian V.

Price: $24.00

Publisher: Published by Everest House, CR 1979:

Seller ID: 001811

Binding: Hard Cover

Luger: The Mulit-National Pistol.

By: Kenyon, Charles J.

Price: $110.00

Publisher: Richard Ellis Publ.:

Seller ID: 003109

Binding: Hard Cover

Gun Data Book

By: Rice, F. Phillip

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Published by Harper & Row for Outdoor Life,:

Seller ID: 000699


Big Game Rifle.

By: Stebbins, Dr. Henry M.

Price: $30.00

Seller ID: 000718