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Image for Modern Gunsmithing.

Modern Gunsmithing.

By: Baker, Clyde.

Price: $44.00

Seller ID: 000200

Published by Small-Arms Technical Publ., Samworth Books, 1933, CR 1933, 2nd edition, 525 pages w/3 pages of ads. Dust jacket has many tears, pieces missing, etc., some taping, price clipped with tape marks on end pastedowns, green with gilt lettering on front cover,a circle with embossed hands working on a gun, name stamp on endpapers, all good+. Chapters include setting up a workshop, woods for g unstocks, checking, carving, chambering, blueing, browning, etc. The most complete book on gunsmithing. This 2nd edition also contains the original blueing method and the best one to use. Firearms, g... View more info

Image for Firearms and Their Use.

Firearms and Their Use.

By: Castles, W.T.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Published by Tudor Publ.,:

Seller ID: 001220

CR 1942 with 231 w/index. Red covers, all good+. Shotguns, rifles, pistols, safety and reference are covered in this book. Firearms, guns, shooting, shotguns. View more info

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The Boys Book of Rifles.

By: Chapel, Charles Edward.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Published by Coward McCann,:

Seller ID: 001552

CR 1948 with 274 pages w/index. Dust jacket has tears otherwise good+. Illustrated by Dick Spencer. 22 Caliber rifle marksmanship for boys 12-19 and their fathers. Shooting, rifles, firearm safety, firearms, guns. View more info

Practical Book of American Guns.

By: Craige, Capt. John Houston.

Price: $16.00

Publisher: Published by Bramhall House,:

Seller ID: 001227

CR 1950 by World Publishing, is 1st by Bramhall, 352 pages w/index. Dust jacket has slight tears, gray covers, black and white photos, charts, sketches and diagrams. All good+.Drawings by J.M.Guerry. Written for beginning shooters and advanced gunners covering history of guns in America, in war and peace and development of Military Rifle. Firearms, rifles, military rifles, firearm history, guns. View more info

Gun Fun with Safety.

By: Damon, G. E.

Price: $28.00

Seller ID: 001356

Published by Standard Publishers, Huntington, West Virginia, CR 1947, 1st edition, 206 pages. Dust jacket has tears, black and white photos, all good+. "A child's education in firearms should begin on the day he/she can lift the gun." This is Author's statement on front pages. Firearms, guns, shooting, hunting, gun safety. View more info

Gun Owner's Book of Care, Repair & Improvement.

By: Dunlap, Roy.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Published for Outdoor Life,:

Seller ID: 000890

CR 1974, 1st edition with 336 pages w/index. Dust jacket has tears o/w good+. Over 350 photos and 12 step Checkering clinic. Illustrated by Jim Carmichel and author. Gunsmithing, guns, firearms. View more info

Guns and How They Work.

By: Hogg, Ian V.

Price: $24.00

Publisher: Published by Everest House, CR 1979:

Seller ID: 001811

CR 1979 by Marshall Cavandish, Ltd. 184 pages with 48 full color, 100 black and white, also diagrams, etc. Dust jacket and book are good+. A complete guide to handguns - from muzzleloaders to automatics; how mechanisms operate, their inventors and their development. Printed in Great Britain, Special Club Edition. Firearms, guns, hand guns, firearms makers, firearms development, inventions, inventors. View more info

Luger: The Mulit-National Pistol.

By: Kenyon, Charles J.

Price: $110.00

Publisher: Richard Ellis Publ.:

Seller ID: 003109

Still in shrink wrap - never opened. 1991, 186 pages, maps, profusely illustrated in black and white color photos. Excellent reference material for the collector of Luger firearms. View more info

Gun Data Book

By: Rice, F. Phillip

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Published by Harper & Row for Outdoor Life,:

Seller ID: 000699

CR 1975 with 570 pages with index. Everything you want to know about guns. Firearms, guns, pistols, revolvers, rifles. View more info

Big Game Rifle.

By: Stebbins, Dr. Henry M.

Price: $30.00

Seller ID: 000718

How To Select and Use a Big Game Rifle. Sportsman's Press published by Combat Forces Press, CR 1952, stated 1st edition, 237 pages w/index. Dust jacket rubbed, slight tears, overall good+. Black and w hite photos. STory of the American big game rifles from 1873 to 1952 told from a practical viewpoint. Firearms, rifles, guns, big game rifles. View more info